My favorite Youtubers!

Hey everyone! I just gained, 5 FOLLOWERS IN ONE DAY OMG! Thanks so much! Earlier today I started a makeup tag and I want to thank Natalie for shouting me out! Just click her name and go follow her! Her Disney blog is goals!

So today I want to do a little post about some of my favorite beauty and lifestyle youtubers. I’m obsessed with youtube and I’m always watching videos! Here are some of my favorites…

Aspyn Ovard
Aspyn is my favorite youtuber! She makes amazing beauty and lifestyle videos, and I love watching her vlogs! She also has a fiance and they are the cutest couple ever!

Eva Gutousiki (sry if I spelled that wrong!)
Not only is Eva hilarious, but has great advice for girls and makes amazing videos! She also has a great style! (And her song is goals, actual goals)

Mia Stammer
#awardforthecutestpuppyever    Mia is super gorgeous and has a great taste in clothes, makeup, and decorating! I love her videos and vlogs!

Rachel Levin
I LOVE her beauty videos! I feel like her and aspyn are my favorite! Rachel also makes amazing lifestyle videos. Her and her boyfriend also are super cute together!

Well there you have it! I encourage you all to check them all out! I’m sure you’ll love them if you like makeup and lifestyle!

MakeupByMaegan 😀


5 thoughts on “My favorite Youtubers!

  1. Love this post! I have never heard about those vloggers but I should check them out some times! No Bethany Mota? Oh my word, you need to check her out sometimes because you would love her!! She is so funny and nice and her videos are awesome! She is my fave YouTuber! She is actually pretty famous and has her own clothing line, even perfume line and has been on Dancing with the Stars! She became famous because she started a YouTube channel! You should check her out sometimes, Maegan! I know you would love her!! 🙂 here is one of her videos if you would like to watch one:

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